National Liberal Party
Final Leader Hydeman
Founded January 2016
Dissolved June 2016
Ideology Third Way
Political position Centre-left to Centre
Colours      Light Blue
House of Commons
National Liberal Party

The National Liberal Party was a third-wayist party that had struggled with membership since its creation, mainly due to its refusal to propose policies in its manifesto, and the success of the larger Liberal Party. Hydeman was the party's only ever MP and became leader after the previous, a noble chance, was banned.


In November 2011, MacDaddi had put forward his proposal for a National Liberal Party. However, he did not convey any clear policies and members did not see the need for another liberal-oriented party, and therefore the party did not get off the ground.

In January 2016, a noble chance put forward his vision for a National Liberal Party. Its policies included £3,000-capped university tuition fees, investment in renewable energy and the maintaining of Trident. It was unbeknown to the vast majority of members at this point that a noble chance was indeed the same person as Birkenhead, who had been banned from the House during the Birkgate scandal. The Speaker though, RayApparently, decided to not publicly reveal a noble chance's true identity. However, a few members worked out who he was, partly because he chose a picture of the first Earl of Birkenhead as his avatar. Some people later believed that his setting up of the National Liberal Party was purely to get revenge against Liberal Party.

Regardless of their lack of active members, the project was given the go-ahead by RayApparently and just a few weeks after a noble chance had first put forward his proposal, the party was formed. However, a month into their life, it started to become clear that the National Liberals were far less active than they had been expected to be. For example, they had not released a single piece of legislation. In March 2016, Hydeman represented the party in By-Election VI, promising that the National Liberals would 'step up to the plate'. There was no improvement in their activity though and the situation worsened in April 2016 when a noble chance received a lengthy ban. This prompted Hydeman to take over as Leader, mainly because he was the only active member they had left. In June 2016, then-Speaker Saracen's Fez announced the closure of the party as there had been no activity in their subforum for a whole month.

Electoral performance

The National Liberal Party stood in just the April 2016 General Election where it won 1 seat. This was however enough to earn them a place in the 23rd Government.

Election Votes Vote % Rank Seats Change in Seats Outcome of Election
April 2016 6 3.24% 7th
N/A Conservative-Liberal-National Liberal Coalition


There were 2 National Liberal Leaders with a noble chance being the first one and Hydeman being the last one.

Leader Took office Left office
a noble chance January 2016 April 2016
Hydeman May 2016 June 2016

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